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Cumulus Cloud Vapery Branding & Website


Sussman Consultants is proud to announce the launch of the brand new Cumulus Cloud Vapery website.

Cumulus Cloud Vapery was established with the goal of providing the best authentic vaping products available in today’s market. The company was built on the premise that the vaping community deserves the highest quality product to enhance the overall vaping experience.

Our team was responsible for the brand development, including the logo design, website design and development, packaging labels, menu designs, and in-store signage. This was a very fun and exciting challenge for us!

We developed a playful, colorful logo concept with the goal of creating an identity that represented the laid back, “chill”, vaping environment and lifestyle. We focused on creating a versatile, eye catching, and memorable icon. We used bright colors, bold fonts, and a circular form to bring our concept together.

Creating the packaging design for the E-Liquid flavor labels was another project that dug deep into our “problem solving” creative minds. Due to the specific requirements from our client, the unique size and shape of the bottles, and laundry list of printing options, we had some figuring out to do. The end was a beautiful die cut, waterproof label, printed on white and translucent sticker paper.

We designed and developed a clean, modern, edgy, ecommerce website, using the latest coding and design strategies. The website uses large, beautiful, product and model photos, and oversized bold text treatments to showcase the products and content.

Having complete creative freedom we developed some features that really make this website stand out.

Some special features include:

Parallax Scrolling: Developed an interactive scrolling technique, that gives the illusion of imagery floating behind the main content of the website

Ecommerce Capabilities Content: Developed an ecommerce website where users can purchase all available products in-store and online. Users also have the ability to custom order e-liquids online choosing between flavors, bottle size, nicotine levels, and quantity.

CMS: We created a Content Management System so that our client can edit and update the new website

In-house Photography: Utilized our resources to capture and edit product images that complimented the look and feel of the overall brand and website design

It is so rewarding to see how happy our client is with the branding of their company, and very exciting to see our work come to life in a store-front setting. It has been a privilege and a pleasure working with our friends as Cumulus Cloud Vapery website, we wish them the best of luck in their business ventures and look forward to continuing to partner with them in the future!

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