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Comic Sans Reborn: So fresh and so clean!

Most people are familiar with the good old Comic Sans typeface. We’re pretty sure we can speak for most of the Creative field – it’s like a designers no-no…the unspoken rule…we never use it. Why? There are SO many other fonts options, and quite honestly, it has no ‘curb appeal’ anymore. It’s outdated. It’s like people who still wear parachute pants or fanny packs from the 90’s…it’s time to let it go. Whether you’re in the Creative field or not, you most likely know it, and are guilty of using it way too much.

(When we are asked to use Comic Sans...)

(And this...)

Anywho....Comic Sans is pretty much the most famous font that exists today and tons of people actually love it. We totally get it…it’s a simple clean font that flirts with the border of playful and sophisticated, but also has this warm, friendly, welcoming appeal to it. Either way, we’re over the (old) it.

With all that being said, we were shocked (and seriously excited) when we found out Comic Sans was getting a facelift. A designer by the name of Craig Rozynski developed the fresh look, and we think he did a fabulous job. It still has the well known foundation of Comic Sans, but something about it looks fresh and modern.

There are two versions:

We personally love it…you might even see it in some of our upcoming work.

For a limited time you can download these sweet fonts for free too…get ‘em while they’re hot!

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