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Chocolates – classic but boring. Flowers – been there, done that. Romantic dinner – is that any different from a normal Saturday night? If you really want to impress your significant other this Valentine’s Day, then show them your loving and creative side! Here are a few of our teams favorite Valentine’s Day themed DIY gifts that will help spice things up and set the mood.

Sweet Message Candy Poster

Like we said earlier, chocolates are a classic gift but can sometimes leave you wanting more. A candy poster is a creative way to make this standard gift fun and exciting. All you need is a poster board, markers, a couple of candy bars, some creative thinking and this gift will leave your lover snickering with Joy…Almond Joy that is.

Sharpie Mugs

If you missed out on reservations at that high-end restaurant, no worries. Order in your favorite Chinese food and have an arts and crafts date night at home! The sharpie mug is an old favorite of ours – not only because it is a chance to be creative but also because you will be reminded of your special night together every time you grab a cup of coffee or tea. A few blank white mugs and colored sharpies is all it will take to make an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration.

Mason Jar Glowing Hearts Candle

Give that special someone a gift that will brighten up their day. This simple DIY candle votive is quick and easy! You’ll need a mason jar, heart stickers, spray paint, decorative ribbon, and a tea light candle—for some added flair we recommend adding glitter! Just place the stickers, spray your jar, peel the stickers off, decorate, and top it off with a candle. This beautiful gift will surely send sparks flying!

Sweetheart Scavenger Hunt

Have a gift for your Valentine? We have the perfect way to surprise them with it! This clever scavenger hunt will keep them blushing all the way to the end. You just need a pen, post-its, and your choice of riddles or romantic hints (bonus points if you use situations from your relationship). Each location will have a sweet little note to lead them to the next until they finally find their gift! Happy hunting, love birds!

Homemade Heart String Card

Don’t settle for those store bought cards that never seem to say the right thing - make your own! This yarn-strung card is sure to pull at your lover’s heart strings! Your Valentine will appreciate this fun and crafty gift. All you need is a needle, red yarn, a pencil, and card stock paper. Just draw a heart, poke some holes, and string the yarn through. Once you’re all done, just finish off your card with a heart-felt love note!

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