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Duct Tape Prom: A Very Sticky Scholarship Contest for Creative High School Students!

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Students are given more opportunities in school every year to help prepare them for their future endeavors in the workforce. Many high schools offer classes that will help prepare students for college, and other classes that allow students to get a jump start in a specific field they may have an interest in.

We came across this amazing, creative competition for high school students by Duck Brand® called Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest. The competition gives students the opportunity to exercise their creative minds, with a pretty nice incentive.

The competition challenges high school students to use their creative skills to make their own prom outfits…using only duct tape! Students are judged on their workmanship, originality, use of color, accessories, and the use of Duck Brand® duct tape.

This competition encourages creative thought and design and gives students an opportunity to win big scholarship cash, or one of six other category prizes.

Check Out The 2015 Winners!

1st Place Winners: Mia & Chandler

39 Rolls | 90 Hours

2nd Place Winners: Bekah & Wyatt

15 Rolls | 175 Hours

3rd Place Winners: Rosalyn & Sean

33 Rolls | 127 Hours

Here’s How This Challenge Works:

Students must be fourteen years old or older (attending high school) to enter. With or without a date, they are given a total of three months to complete their outfits and submit up to five photos to Once their entry is approved, they will receive a personal link to share with classmates and friends to get their votes and help them win!

All qualified entries are eligible for a chance to be one of the top ten contestants selected to win scholarship cash! The remaining candidates who do not get chosen as finalists have another chance to win one of the following categories: best detail work, best single entry, best theme, best prop/setting, most outrageous, and best use of color.

Our suggestion - take advantage of every opportunity you have to be original and use your imagination – those experiences will prove to be invaluable later in life!

We'll Leave You With Some More REALLY Cool 2015 Outfit Entries:

Runner Up: Andrea & Austin

53 Rolls | 210 Hours

Runner Up: Margot & Jordan

30 Rolls | 192 Hours

Runner Up: Ellie & Jonathan

30 Rolls | 70 Hours

Runner Up: Bailey & Timothy

25 Rolls | 132 Hours

Runner Up: Corey & Lindsey

12 Rolls | 97 Hours

Runner Up: Rebecca & Emily

25 Rolls | 234 Hours

Best Detail Work: Grace & Carter

20 Rolls | 60 Hours

Most Outrageous: Jonathan & Larissa

60 Rolls | 124.3 Hours

Best Theme: Silas & Ryan

32 Rolls | 120 Hours

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