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Who Says Coloring is Just for Kids?

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We all have our methods of relieving stress after a rough day at the office – whether it be exercise, gardening (ask Matt Sussman about this!) or simply turning into a couch potato. Recently, our team has discovered a stress relieving activity that is easy, affordable and impactful…coloring!

Nothing helps you reach your inner zen like a simple hobby that most of us have perfected before the perils of adulthood became a harsh reality. Coloring can stimulate areas of the brain related to motor skills and can also improve your senses and creativity. When the mind focuses on an activity like coloring, that task becomes your focal point and all other worries and issues take a back seat.

In addition to serving as a stress reliever, coloring can also be a source of inspiration. Those of us who are in a profession that requires a certain creative skill set sometimes hit a wall or a creative block, and coloring offers an outlet to restore your childlike wonder and imagination.

So next time you are looking for an outlet to relieve the stress of everyday life, reach for the closest crayon. If you enjoyed coloring as a child, you will love it as an adult – especially with a nice glass of wine. At best, you will find yourself inspired, relaxed and at ease. At worst, you already have your Mother’s day gift lined up!

Below are just a few of the many different style coloring books you can choose from. Take a look and start coloring!

Color Me Calm

Barnes & Noble

Secret Garden


Outside The Lines


Adult Coloring Book


Adult Coloring Book Series

Dover Publications

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