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24/7: Our First Print Book Cover Design!

Sussman Consultants was awarded the opportunity to design a book cover for Becky Halstead, a U.S. Army retired Brigadier General who dedicates her time as a seasoned leader and motivational speaker, sharing her experiences, knowledge, and insights with others. Becky specializes in inspirational and motivational speaking, developing leader-training programs, leader coaching and mentoring.

Becky originally came to Sussman Consultants in need of branding, a website, and marketing materials. This led to the rewarding opportunity of designing the cover for her first printed book, which will be the first in a series written by Becky. The book titled “24/7: The First Person You Must Lead is YOU!”, is about Becky’s journey and experiences as a leader, and she also focuses on the reader, giving him or her valuable advice and information about how to better and lead oneself.

It is available on and

The cover design was a success that received great praise from Becky and her colleagues. Following the completion of the cover, Sussman Consultants also designed and produced other materials for the release of Becky’s book, including an informational onesheeter, poster, mailing labels, email newsletter, and book inserts.

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