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Your Website is a Plant. Water it.


You’re probably wondering why we are telling you to water your website. The same reasons why you should upgrade your flip phone to a smart phone, considering parting with that shirt you’ve been holding on to since the eighth grade, and that haircut you’ve had for the past fifteen years. Because change, is GOOD! And in this case it’s also necessary, if you want to keep your business thriving.

Having a website built for yourself and or your business is very rewarding and beneficial. But with this exciting accomplishment comes a bit of a commitment.

Websites are like plants (just wait, it makes sense...we promise).

They’re great, nice to look at, and can last forever. When you go to the store to buy a plant, it has been pampered and cared for so you can bring it home and enjoy it. But, if you don’t water the plant, it’s going to shrivel up and well, not be so nice to look at anymore. It might still be sitting out there on your porch…but it most certainty won’t get the attention and appreciation that it did while you were taking care of it.

Okay so where are we really going with all of this? Your website is a plant (per se). We build it and pamper it and make it all nice for you to take home. It’s fresh, it looks great, and it’s out there for the world to see. But, like the plant, your website will need some TLC.

Website and design trends change frequently and if you neglect to pay attention, your website will turn into a shriveled plant, figuratively speaking. It will eventually lack the WOW factor that it had when you first got it. Yes, it will still be there, but people aren’t going to be as interested in sticking around to look at it. Chances are they will end up going to your neighbors (aka your competitors), to look at their fresh well-kept plants.

Okay so maybe you don’t have a “green thumb”, you don’t want to worry about the fuss of keeping up with plants OR your website. That’s totally fine. All you need to do is hire a gardener, and hire US of course.

Updating copy, graphics, photos, and even the layout will absolutely help show that you and your business are active and current. Most people jump online first to check out a business and may second guess their selection if the website is outdated and unkept. Think about it, if you went to a nursery to buy a plant and a lot of the plants were unkept, you would probably reconsider giving them your business.

Luckily, websites aren’t quite as needy as plants. You don’t need to go crazy with it. Frequent updates are good, and every once in a while consider freshening up the layout and design...or of course, ask us to do it for you.

Please go green, and water your website!

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