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Why You Need Better Business Cards


We didn’t truly understand the impact of a business card until we decided to get some really unique cards printed. We paid a little more, but the response and return was beyond worth it. We were remembered and people started asking how they could get business cards like ours.

It’s easy and tempting to go to certain websites (you know the ones we’re talking about!) that will give you 500 cards for $5. But you know that age old saying, you get what you pay for! Why not spend a little more, because in the end, you will get a LOT more out of it.

Business cards should be unique and memorable. You don’t want to be just another business card in a potential clients wallet. Give them something they want to keep looking at and share with other people because it’s just SO COOL.

We have a list of some of our favorite business card materials that will give you’re business that extra edge:

1. Plastic – This is one of our favorites and will definitely catch someones attention. Plastic business cards come in all different thicknesses and in most cases include rounded corners. Choose from white plastic or transparent plastic for a neat look.

2. Metal – Say what? How neat is that! If you’re looking to give off a modern, slick vibe, metal cards will definitely make a bold statement. These cards can be laser cut and always have rounded edges.

3. Wood, Recycled Paper, and Linen – These materials are great if you’re going for more of an earthy vibe. For those of you looking to be eco friendly, check out seed paper. It is usually made from recycled materials, and seeds are added during the pulping process. Plant these babies in the ground and watch them grow!

4. Painted Edges – We don’t see a lot of these, and that’s even more of a reason why you should consider them. Edge painted cards are typically thick and the four edges of the card are dyed in the color of your choice. Subtle, but effective, it’s all about the little details.

5. A Card that’s not a Card – For those who want to go all out and your budget is not an issue, consider a business “card” that isn’t a card at all. Sometimes these little trinkets are functional, other times they are just neat! Some examples we’ve come across are: an architect using a lego, a handyman using a caliper, and an investor using a coin. Is there an object that represents your trade? Is it something that can be printed on? Go for it!

6. Other options – If you’re really on a budget, try some of these less expensive options to jazz up your look…try silk cards, add a spot uv or foil to make your graphics pop, try printing square cards instead of the standard rectangle.

Your business card is the last impression you leave, it can be the difference between obtaining a client, or not. So don’t be afraid to step it up a bit and give people a reason to remember it, and you!

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