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Now Offering a Website Makeover Service!

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Many clients come to Sussman Consultants with an outdated or poorly managed website, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a high-end, completely customized website. With that in mind, Sussman Consultants developed a new service tailored just for those clients.

The Sussman Consultants Makeover service gives clients the opportunity to freshen up their existing website without breaking the bank. Clients will receive an initial in-person or phone consultation, in which a review of the current website will be discussed, as well as the vision for the new site.

The Makeover services include: organizing and updating existing copy and the overall marketing message, and refreshing graphics and photos, including the overall color scheme. The next phase consists of implementing the latest coding strategies for improved search rankings, and site testing across multiple platforms and browsers. Clients have the option to add on other a la carte features if they’d like, for an additional cost.

This is a great, easy, and time effective way to update your online presence quickly and affordably.

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