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Nicosia Construction

Nicosia Construction

Nicosia Construction is a local NJ family-owned business that specializes in outdoor home remodeling including: patios, outdoor kitchens, driveways, walkways and pools. Nicosia prides themselves on their fresh, innovative, and budget friendly solutions, and wanted a website that reflected their artistic, elegant approach to outdoor home improvements. The goal was to create a website that provided potential clients with all of the relevant information that they would need, as well as a full portfolio of project images for ideas and inspiration. The site includes a unique "Wishlist" feature that allows users to create a list of the project photos that they like. Other materials were created in conjunction with the new website including promotional lawn signs, business cards, an updated logo, and matching apparel. We were also tasked with managing the project portfolio and retouching project photos.


  • Nicosia Logo


  • Nicosia Website Homepage


  • Nicosia Business Card


  • Nicosia Signage

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