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5 FREE Online Tools That Make a Designer’s Life Easier

Tips & Tricks

PDFSplit! gives users the ability to separate a PDF file into one or more pieces online – providing an easy AND free solution to PDF splitting issues. The process takes just seconds and allows you to select a single page or a range of pages to extract from the source file. Even better, there is an option to use the program with a secure connection – which will help keep personal and confidential information private.

This FREE application allows users to convert the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) colors used in photo editing programs into a six digit hex code that can be used for html/css coding. All you need to know are the RGB values and the program does the rest with a simple click of a button. Additionally, if needed, you can also work backwards, converting hex codes into RGB values. Whether creating websites or emails, this tool has come in handy countless times for our development team.

Staring at code for hours on end can mess with your mind – leaving room for errors. W3C Markup Validation is a FREE tool that helps you to not only reduce those errors but also to eliminate them altogether. This program checks the validity of your code and specifies any/all errors – right down to the type of error and the specific line in the code that they exist. You can then go back and correct the mistakes in your code and resubmit by direct input until you get that beautiful message, “Passed.”

While Litmus is not a free application, it is an extremely valuable tool that our development team uses on a regular basis. Through Litmus, you can test how email campaigns will be viewed on desktop mail clients, mobile phones and web-based mail platforms. You can also limit those options during testing to view only specified email clients – ranging from Apple Mail 7 to Outlook 2013 to Yahoo! Mail. Litmus also keeps records of all your tests so you can review previous campaigns and there renderings.

In the development world, there is clean code – where everything is organized and formatted correctly - and there is dirty code – where everything is jumbled together in no logical matter. Dirty Mark-Up is the premium solution for turning dirty code into clean usable code with just a click of a button. This program has saved our team hours upon hours of making code that we inherited readable and structured.

We are always happy to promote reliable and beneficial tools to our fellow creative friends. Email us to let us know what you think or to share any short-cut tricks you may have up your sleeve. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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