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When Your Client Asks You to “Make It Pop”

Tips & Tricks

In the world of Design, two of the most stressful feedback comments designers face are “be more creative” and “make it pop.” These phrases are just dreadful to the ears of a designer.

Making something “more creative” or “making it pop” generally means making a design or design elements brighter, larger, more pronounced, or giving it a greater higher level of contrast.  While most designers typically know what those phrases mean, they may not know the more effective and efficient way to go about achieving it.

Here are five ways to make your design stand out more:


One common reason why a design may lack that special something is the color combinations and choices. Color hues and intensities can make a world of difference. TIP: To obtain the optimal amount of contrast, try adjusting the brightness and saturation of the colors.


There are times when a client may not care for the color choices that are presented to them. A great solution to this problem is creating a couple different color palettes for your client to review, their favorite may surprise you!


Ask yourself, where should the eye be directed first? What text needs to stand out? Whether you're creating a business card, poster, or brochure, it is important to create order. Hierarchy will make the design visually please and will direct the eyes around the piece accordingly. Try adjusting the size, style, and color of the text.


Sometimes it's the font choice that may not be working in your favor. The design may be spot on but the font may not represent what you intended it to. Try substituting in a couple different typefaces and see which one fits the design best.


Mock-ups allow the client to envision the design on real life products. A lot of times this will result in a greater appreciation and liking of the design, because the client can actually picture it in use. Plus, it shows the designer took that extra little step to complete the project.

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