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Our Top 10 Favorite Online Graphic Design Resources

Tips & Tricks

As a designer or a developer, it’s a good idea to have a handful of online resources that supply images, tips, tutorials, and specifications. We have put together a collection of our top 10 favorite resources – sites that we pretty much visit on a daily basis that we find really useful!


There are so many royalty-free imagery websites available today, but we choose as our favorite. We have dabbled with couple others, but for us, Shutterstock is the most convenient and easy to use. offers subscriptions and images for their library of over 30 million stock images, vectors, and footage. A lot of these websites allow you to purchase images using credits. The problem we find with credits is you can find the perfect image, until you see that it costs a lot of credits. An image could cost a dollar, and the next one you find could cost fifty dollars. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and patients to find the perfect image for your project – the last thing you want to find out is that it doesn’t fit into your budget.

With Shutterstock, you buy a certain number of images, or a monthly subscription for a certain amount of images per day. Then, you just download away! No need to worry about one image being worth more than another, and with over 30 millions images, we’re sure you can find what you need! An added bonus – they offer a free photo and vector download every week!


As all designers (should) know, color means everything. A great design can end up being not so great, if your color palette isn’t on point. There are a lot of color scheme generators available online, but some of them can get a bit complicated. If you’re looking for a simple and quick way to pick out some web colors and codes, try this the Color Scheme Generator. It is an HTML and RGB color code generator that will get you the codes for your website colors and help you choose a color scheme.


As designers, we should all be familiar with "greeking" text, also known as Lorem Ipsum, or as many of our clients refer to it, "another language" ( “Why is this in Spanish?”…makes us laugh every time!).

Most designers are familiar with, which provides filler text for your designs if the client has not provided content yet. We came across another useful site that offers more options for creating filler text. The site allows you to preview the dummy text, copy, and paste it to a clipboard as well. The first option allows you to choose the type of dummy text you would like to use, from traditional lorem ipsum to other english excerpts, characters, and symbols. You may also choose the number of words, characters, and paragraphs that you would like to create.


So many times we see fonts that we like and wish there was a simple way to figure out what it’s called. is a website created specifically to help with this problem. All you need to do is take a screen shot or save an image of the typeface you are trying to find, and upload it to the site. The site will attempt to decipher between the letters and you will be asked to enter the letters individually, to confirm the site is reading them correctly. For best results, your image should be large and clear. The site will then generate a list of fonts similar to yours, and hopefully you have a match! You can then go online to find your font and purchase it.


No it’s not a mistake, YouTube is most definitely on our list of helpful sites. YouTube has become such a well known site, where you can pretty much find anything you can think of, including web and design tutorials. Design and Web programs can be pretty complicated, and sometimes it’s time consuming trying to figure out how to do certain things within the programs. Whether you need a tip on coding, or can’t figure out how to create a certain Photoshop effect, you will find so many useful tutorials and helpful tips on YouTube.


This is probably one of the neatest sites we’ve come across. As designers and programmers, we all know there is never enough room on your monitor. We are constantly moving, minimizing, and accidentally closing windows to try and keep our workspace organized. Many people purchase second monitors so they can increase the size of their digital workspace, but that tends to be an expensive solution. is a unique website that allows users to add a secondary display, using their iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You can also connect to multiple devices at one time!

Whether you want to share files and photos with friends and family, or you need to declutter your desktop and digital workspace, GetiDisplay allows you to do it all!


This site is a designers dream! How frustrating is it when you design a great website composition, only to find that the fonts you used aren’t web-friendly? Or maybe you’re tired of using the same old fonts in your print designs? SkyFonts allows you to look through a large library of fonts and download them to your desktop! They are partnered with, google fonts, and myfonts, and it’s so easy to use!


Transfering files is a huge part of the creative field, which is why we created this FREE site for you. There are other free transfer sites available, but we pride ourselves on our user-friendly, quick file transfer system. We don’t need your name, or your email, or anything from you really. We also don’t need any information about what you’re doing with your files and where they’re going. All we need you to do is upload your file, copy the generated link, and give it to whoever it needs to go to! Your files will remain active for 2 weeks, and you can upload up to 10GB per file! How can you beat that?


BittBox is an all-around great resource for designers. Who doesn’t like free stuff? This site offers tutorials, freebies, graphics, brushes, and textures! This comes in handy for designers who don’t have subscriptions to those “big name” royalty-free image websites! All they ask is that you don’t re-sell or re-distribute their artwork, simply use it in your work – freelance or commercial!


Another great little treasure we’ve found. Designing is great, but specs and vendor guidelines can be a headache sometimes. This site offers a whole bunch of resources for web and print, to ensure that your files are created correctly. You can find everything from print specifications, to web banner sizes and web safe area guidelines. There are also guidelines for bindings, folding, fonts, and conversions. And for all those copywriters out there…there is a neat page just for you, called Proof Reading Marks. It shows an index of standard text editing symbols that copywriters use. This site is a really great resource and they offer downloadable templates too!

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