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Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Designers

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Moms are the best.

When you were younger, helping Dad cook Mom breakfast in bed usually did it. Now that you’re old enough to be more creative, we have 10 Mother’s Day Gifts ideas, with Designer moms in mind. These gift ideas are “creative” but cool, and for any age. After all, it’s the thoughtful gifts to mom that count, and we think she will love it. Time is running out, so check out some of the ideas below!

No. 01

365 Reasons Why I love you Jar

Want to make Mom cry happy tears? This creative DIY project allows her to read one of your handwritten notes each day for a whole year. If 365 notes feels like a bit much, feel free to pick a number special to you and your mom…maybe it’s your age (but not hers!).

No. 02

Instagram Scrapbook

I’m sure you have tons of photos on that smartphone of yours. Make mom something she can hold onto forever, with this online (easy-to-build) Instagram layout inspired photo book.

No. 03

Personalized Stationary

Pick out a fun stationary set that screams her personality.

No. 04

Handmade Card

You’re never too old to make a handmade Mother’s Day card. Buy some construction paper, fabric, buttons, markers, etc. Have fun, get creative, the sky’s the limit.

No. 05

Artsy Notebook

All designers have that one notebook they use for notes and doodles. It’s a necessity. Trust us.

No. 06

Graphic Tee

Not only will your mom love these artsy tees, she’ll stop digging through your drawers to borrow one of yours!

No. 07

Design Book: How To Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul

Find Mom a great book to bring with her to the beach this summer.

No. 08

iPad Case

Choose from tons of different fashionable designs so mom can browse the internet on her tablet in style.

No. 09

Classic Cup: Pantones

So artsy and perfect to have on her desk. I can already hear the compliments.

No. 10

Throw Pillow

Mom works hard. So for all those well deserved cat naps…

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