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The Brand New Kent International Website

The Sussman Consultants team is proud and excited to announce the launch of the new lKent Internationa website!

Kent International is a family-owned, worldwide bicycles and accessories distribution company, that dates back to the early 1900s. In 1958 the company was officially named Kent International, Inc. and has been supplying bikes and accessories to over twenty countries ever since. They have over one thousand retailers in the USA alone.

Kent prides themselves on truly understanding the bicycle market, as they aim to create products before consumers even know they want them.

We partnered with Kent to redesign the entire website, aesthetically as well as functionally. The new website has a clean, modern, photographic look, capturing the beauty of the products and accessories, while providing organized information about purchasing and taking care of your Kent products.

Some of the new sites great features include:

Kent Community: a section of the site where consumers can join the family by sharing photos of their favorite Kent bikes and products.

Where to Buy: a page that shows where consumers can find Kent products, online and in stores.

Interactive Resource Center: making it easy for consumers to find any information they need, as well as a place where they can register their bicycles.

How-To section: providing detailed information about bike sizing, and how to find the perfect fit for yourself.

We are so happy with how this site came together, and so very excited for our friends at Kent and their customers to enjoy it!

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