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The New & Improved Van Dessel Website Design

Our team is super pumped to announce the launch of the new Van Dessel website!

Van Dessel is a bicycle manufacturer located in New Jersey whose bicycles are said to be born of racing, engineered to perform with precision, and built with a degree of durability often overlooked. Their bikes are meant to be ridden hard and raced with panache, but most importantly, enjoyed by those who love cycling.

Van Dessel strides to design beautiful performance bikes by and for athletes that are equally fun to ride and race.

We collaborated with Van Dessel to redesign their website to not only improve usability but to update the look and feel. The new website has a simple, easy to navigate, photographic look that focuses on the bicycles unique features.

We are extremely pleased with the end result and cant wait for Van Dessel and their athletes to enjoy the site!

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