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Innovative Physical Therapy Website

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Innovative Physical Therapy and Fitness Center website.

Innovative Physical Therapy and Fitness Center provides its patients with the highest standard of care and cutting-edge techniques that can maximize the body’s ability to move, heal and preform at an optimal level.

We partnered with Dr. Suresh to redesign the entire website making it more accessible and user-friendly. The new site has a colorful, engaging, photographic layout, creating a user experience that is much more efficient and practical.

We have designed the site to be interactive and easy to navigate. Users will be educated about the practice, and they can find answers to questions about the services offered. The site gives new and existing patients the opportunity to get the information they need, quickly and with ease.

In addition to the new site, we also designed new business cards for Dr. Suresh and his team members, as well as an informative brochure that patients can grab when they visit the office, outlining the basic features and services listed on the website.

Some of the new sites features include:

Schedule an Appointment
We developed an innovative and convenient form that allows patients to request an appointment online without having to make a phone call.

New Patient Form
A feature that allows users to download and fill out mandatory forms before their first visit.

A section on the site where patients can watch and share their own video reviews.

We created a Content Management System so that our client can edit and update the new website.

We are excited for Dr. Suresh, his team, and their patients, to use the new website and all of its great features!

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