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B’nai Bouncers: A Premier Professional Chaperone Service

B'nai Bouncers is a professional chaperone service located in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. They work to ensure guests are enjoying themselves, while making sure the younger attendees are safe, respectful, and of course, having fun.

We collaborated with B'nai Bouncers to design an inviting, easy to navigate website that promoted their services. We aimed to design a website that gives off a feel-good vibe to attract event/party planners and parents, but we also wanted to make sure it was clear that the clients would be receiving a service that ensured their guests and children would be safe and worry-free. We ended up with a clean, professional yet fun, design.

Some of the new features include:

Share your pictures with us: a feature that allows existing clients to upload their personal party photos to be featured on the website. This section is great for potential clients to get a first-hand look at our interaction with party-goers.

Testimonials page: a section on the site where clients can share their experiences after using the services. This page, along with the FAQ page, can help potential clients learn more about what to expect and how the company operates.

Contact form: a quick, simple, interactive way for clients to inquire about services and begin the process of setting up an event.

In addition to the website design, we created business cards for the B'nai Bouncers staff. The business card design uses bold, visual elements, and the strong branding assets we created to engage interest and stand out.

We are very excited for B'nai Bouncers and their clients to use their new marketing materials!

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