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Coming Home of Middlesex County

Working to prevent and end homelessness in Middlesex County

Coming Home is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and resources for unhoused individuals in Middlesex County. Their mission is to ensure a smooth transition for those experiencing homelessness, offering a range of services from housing assistance to mental health support.


Where compassion
meets action

Our team was tasked with redesigning Coming Home’s website to better reflect their mission and provide a user-friendly experience for both unhoused individuals and stakeholders. The primary goals were to enhance accessibility, streamline navigation, and create a visually engaging platform to showcase the various programs and services offered by the organization.

Browser image with url:

Providing vital
resources for
unhoused individuals

Our design approach focused on creating a clean, intuitive interface with a joyful color palette that also conveyed a sense of trust and professionalism. The layout was optimized for accessibility, ensuring that all visitors, including those with disabilities, can easily navigate the site. Clear calls-to-action and strategically placed content were implemented to encourage user engagement.

Line icon of hands holding a piece of paper with a home on it, with the text "1,000+ individuals in Middlesex County without a place to call home"
Line icon of a woman holding her child with the text "79% of sheltered families were headed by female single parents"
Line icon of two people holding hands with the text "22% of the total homeless population is composed of children"

Restoring dignity,
one life at a time

The website was built using modern web technologies, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility across devices and browsers. We also integrated the site with WordPress, allowing Coming Home to effortlessly update and add new content, ensuring the site remains current and informative.

The site now serves as a powerful tool for Coming Home, effectively conveying their mission and connecting unhoused individuals with vital resources.