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Capital Printing

Exploring the vast world of print production

Capital Printing Corporation has been a leader in the print industry for well over thirty years. When they came to us looking for a unique way to showcase their expertise to potential clients, we knew we had to put together something unforgettable.


Showcasing an impressive range of print capabilities

When initially brainstorming ideas for this promotional marketing box, the "explorer" theme quickly became the frontrunner. This was our chance to be playful while ensuring the client's extensive production capabilities were featured front and center.

Capital offers a wide range of paper stocks, coatings, and custom die-lines, which allow for fun features like the slide-out drawers seen here. Inside the drawers, you'll find a 16-page field guide booklet, printing loupe, and production notes.


Marrying marketing with storytelling
provides customers with a unique experience
they will remember


Leaving a lasting impression

In today's digital landscape, we are inundated with a barrage of ads vying for our attention. The constant stream of promotional content has become an inescapable part of our daily lives. In this oversaturated environment, it’s vital for a campaign to not only break through the noise, but also leave a memorable impression.

To really make an impact, your campaign needs to captivate and resonate with your audience. This is why Capital Printing wanted to opt for a more traditional route with a direct mail campaign. Our goal was to provide their potential customers with a tangible moment that they wouldn’t forget. This promotional box took the recipient on a journey, allowing them to actively participate in the experience versus just being an observer.