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WorkforceLinc by Lincoln Tech

Building teams of industry-leading technicians

Lincoln Tech created their WorkforceLinc program to assist companies in solidifying their workforce and building teams of skilled and valuable employees. They came to us with the goal of building a contemporary brand identity and an elevated online presence for this new program.


Giving new energy to a respected and trusted brand

When Lincoln Tech came to us with their newly formed WorkforceLinc program, they were in need of a brand that was fresh and exciting, while still being representative of their storied history. When thinking of a color palette for their logo, we wanted to stick with a bold red, synonymous with Lincoln Tech's brand identity. This anchors the design, signifying strength and vitality.

To complement this, the use of teal and purple introduces a dynamic interplay of vibrant colors, symbolizing innovation and diversity within the institution. This palette not only pays homage to Lincoln Tech's established identity but also brings a fresh energy to the brand.

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Helping companies grow their workforce

Designed with a user-centric approach, WorkforceLinc’s website provides employers with an opportunity to easily explore the program's offerings in full detail. Through engaging content, seamless navigation, and a fully responsive layout, prospective partners can gain comprehensive insights into the unique benefits and opportunities that WorkforceLinc brings to the table.

The website is seamlessly integrated with WordPress, providing staff with the capability to make necessary updates and edits whenever required.


WorkforceLinc believes the future of our economy
is dependent on the partnership between
education and industry.

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A fully tailored
educational experience

At the heart of Workforcelinc lies its flagship initiative: the recruitment program. This program stands as the driving force behind WorkforceLinc, embodying Lincoln Tech's dedication to connecting aspiring professionals with opportunities in the workforce. To support this, our development team built an accessible, easy-to-use interest form, ensuring that students can express their interest and qualifications efficiently.

From there, qualified candidates are given access to our custom-built backend portal, where they are able to easily apply for partner programs that suit their skills. This portal stands as the cornerstone of the Workforcelinc program, providing an intuitive platform for both students and instructors. With tailored curriculum, robust grading functionalities, and comprehensive reporting features, this innovative tool further exemplifies Lincoln Tech's commitment to providing a cutting-edge, adaptable learning experience for its students.