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Crowd sitting at tradeshow with multi-color lighting
Kanematsu USA

Executing streamlined events with high quality badge printing

SwiftColor, a Kanematsu brand, offers products for on-site, on-demand printing with a focus on large events. Their diverse product line includes oversized ID card printers and digital inkjet label printers.

Photo of SwiftColor's SCC-4000D oversized card printer on a colorful background of an event stage

Helping prospective customers feel like a VIP

Kanematsu engaged us to launch a promotional campaign for SwiftColor’s cutting-edge oversized ID card printer, the SCC-4000D. Boasting rapid print speeds, the SCC-4000D can generate a full-color card in under 2 seconds, maintaining a truly impressive resolution of 1200 DPI.

Looking to distinguish themselves from industry competitors, Kanematsu sought something more visually striking than the conventional printer website. The use of vibrant colors and engaging graphics helps captivate the user, while showcasing the SCC-4000D’s features, applications, and technical specifications.
Browser image with url:
iMac with black screen. Background for video.

Badges that stand out
in a crowd

To demonstrate the printer's capabilities, we created interactive card samples that flip on hover, providing users with a visual representation of how custom badges might help enhance their events.

Paired with this landing page was a carefully crafted Google Ads campaign, featuring a collection of static and animated banner ads. Upon directing users to the landing page, our primary objective was to capture prospective customers’ information via the lead form at the bottom of the page. The added incentive of complimentary card samples and an SCC-4000D brochure serves to further motivate users to finalize the form.

SwiftColor leads the industry in on-demand printing, offering high-speed capabilities without compromising quality.

A selection of screens from SwiftColor's landing page
Mobile phone mockup showing part of the SwiftColor landing page

Capturing leads
from all devices

This campaign landing page was designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring seamless usability across all screen sizes. All page content dynamically adjusts to maintain optimal viewing experiences on smaller screens.

Given the amount of traffic that originates from mobile devices, the significance of a responsive design cannot be overstated. It's imperative to prioritize a user-friendly experience across various devices to maximize engagement and conversions.