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Senior caucasian man seated in Mobile PatientLift Freedom Transfer Patient Lift Chair with professional caregiver.
Mobile PatientLift

Empowering patients with limited mobility

Mobile PatientLift provides innovative and reliable patient lifting and transfer solutions for family caregivers, professional caregivers, and patients with compromised mobility.

Mobile PatientLift's Freedom Transfer Patient Lift Chair

Providing a path to caregiver empowerment and enhanced mobility

In the dynamic world of healthcare solutions, Mobile PatientLift has emerged as a beacon of innovation, providing cutting-edge mobility solutions for patients. Our journey with MPL involved the creation of an e-commerce website that not only reflected their commitment to excellence, but also provided a seamless and accessible platform for caregivers and patients alike.
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Senior African American woman seated in Mobile PatientLift Freedom Transfer Patient Lift Chair with professional caregiver.

Meticulously designed products for exceptional performance

The initial website design, anchored by the Freedom Transfer Patient Lift, served as the foundation for an expansive platform accommodating a myriad of transfer products. Understanding Climbing Steps' vision for growth, we seamlessly integrated the flagship product into an overarching e-commerce framework that could easily scale with the introduction of new offerings.

This adaptability ensures that as Mobile PatientLift continues to innovate and expand its product range, the website remains a dynamic and responsive showcase of their comprehensive solutions.
Multiple browsers windows showing the website design of Mobile PatientLift's website
Mobile PatientLift toilet assistance product
Mobile PatientLift transfer product with focus on seat
Mobile PatientLift transfer product
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Supporting you every step of the way

The website development process began with a thorough understanding of Mobile PatientLift's mission and products. Collaborating closely with their team, we crafted a design that resonated with their brand identity while prioritizing user experience.

Recognizing the diverse needs of MPL’s audience, we implemented features that enhance usability—from intuitive navigation to clear product descriptions and easily accessible customer support, every element was crafted to ensure inclusivity. The website's responsive design further guarantees a seamless experience across devices, empowering users to explore and purchase Mobile PatientLift's products effortlessly.
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Finding a secure & reliable e-commerce solution

The incorporation of Shopify as the e-commerce platform was a strategic choice to streamline the online shopping experience. Shopify's robust features allowed us to implement a secure and efficient online store, enabling Mobile PatientLift to showcase their diverse product range effectively. The e-commerce aspect is tailored to cater to both B2B and B2C customers, making the purchasing process straightforward and hassle-free.