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Establishing meaningful connections to improve personal development

Shareapy is a place for members to improve their mental well-being and personal and professional development by connecting with others in online, facilitator-led gatherings.


The problem & the Shareapy solution.

Shareapy came to us with an existing logo concept that needed a fresh coat of paint. The original fusion of a lightbulb and strategy diagram remained at the core of our redesign, symbolizing innovation, thoughtful planning, and teamwork. With a keen focus on Shareapy's mission, we reimagined the logo to evoke a contemporary, inclusive vibe.

The incorporation of a vibrant shade of green not only infuses the design with a sense of growth and positivity, but also aligns seamlessly with the organization’s commitment to community well-being. The logo serves as a visual representation of Shareapy's dedication to fostering connections, and also reflects their forward-thinking approach.
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Fostering meaningful

In building Shareapy's online presence, we aimed to cultivate a virtual space that authentically mirrors the essence of the organization. Through thoughtful design and development, we conceived a user-friendly, one-page website that serves as a gateway for individuals to explore and understand the profound benefits Shareapy offers to the community.

The website seamlessly integrates intuitive navigation with captivating visuals, ensuring that users can effortlessly access information about the organization's mission, values, and the transformative experiences they facilitate through virtual group meetups.

A mobile-first approach for the optimal user experience.

The Shareapy website was designed with a mobile-first approach, with responsiveness at its core. The site maintains the integrity of the user interface, ensuring an optimal user experience across various devices. This enhances accessibility, allowing individuals to engage seamlessly with Shareapy's mission and enjoy a consistent and visually appealing experience, regardless of the device they are using.