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Infographics: Because Regular Text Is So 2000

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Did you know an infographic about infographics exists? The one we're featuring here was created by NeoMam Studios, and explains why we suffer from information overload and crave visuals. This infographic exposes the science behind the high demand for other infographics. Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that we actually crave the visual stimulation we get from infographics? According to us, the people, we have proven these specific comparisons, percentages, and studies to be true.

Can you believe since the year 2007, the amount of visualized information available to us has increased 9,900%? Think about it – it takes us 1/10 of a second to be exact, to understand visual communication, as opposed to the time it takes our brain to read a paragraph containing the same exact information.

Visual communications capture the viewers’ attention and also helps them retain the information. Infographics help us recieve information quickly because they are engaging, accessible, and more persuasive. A study conducted at Wharton Business School found that 17% of the audience were persuaded more by a verbal presentation along with visuals.

So please! Scroll through these examples to learn more about how infographics help us process information. And while you're at it, let us know if you need an infographic for you business, because we design them too!

To view the complete infographic, click here.

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